Below is a list of tournaments that Team Shark BJJ intends to attend.  We encourage our students to compete and view competition as an integral part of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

Month Competition Promotion Location Registration Deadline
4/29/2017 IBJJF Dallas Open Dallas, TX 4/21/2017
5/13/2017 NAGA Dallas Dallas, TX 5/13/2017
5/27/2017 Texas Grappling Challenge San Antonio, TX 5/24/2017
6/1/2017 IBJJF Worlds Long Beach, CA 5/22/2017
6/24/2017 NAGA Texas San Antonio, TX 6/24/2017
7/6/2017 IBJJF American Nationals Las Vegas, NV 6/27/2017
7/6/2017 IBJJF Amercian Nationals Kids Las Vegas, NV 6/27/2017
7/22/2017 IBJJF Austin Open Austin, TX 7/14/2017
8/12/2017 NAGA Austin Austin, TX 8/12/2017
8/24/2017 IBJJF World Master Las Vegas, NV 8/15/2017
10/7/2017 NAGA Lonestar Houston, TX 10/7/2017
12/9/2017 NAGA Worlds North Richland Hills, TX 12/9/2017