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Team Shark, Daniel Pinheiro BJJ is located in Castle Hills, San Antonio, TX. We are a family oriented, IBJJF registered, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts gym.  We have classes for kids and adults of all fitness and skill levels.



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Daniel Pinheiro

Daniel, a 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and former pro-MMA fighter, has dedicated his life to learning and sharing martial arts.  Daniel is the 2014 and 2015 Gi and No-Gi SJJIF World Champion.  He holds many other titles and has been competing since he started training in 1991.  Daniel is married to Rebecca who you will likely find at the desk or on the mats.  Their son, Isaac aka "Baby Shark," is likely to greet you and anxiously awaits the day he can get on the mats.  Off the mat, Daniel enjoys hiking in the local parks, tent camping, and watching action movies.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • 2017 IBJJF American National Champion
  • 2017 IBJJF Austin Open Champion
  • 2017 IBJJF Dallas Open Champion
  • 2017 Texas Submission Hunter 8 Title Holder
  • 2016 NAGA Gi World Champion
  • 2016 NAGA Houston No-Gi Champion
  • 2016 Las Vegas IBJJF Open Champion
  • 2nd place 2016 Dallas IBJJF Open
  • 2015 Austin IBJJF Open Champion
  • SJJIF 2014 and 2015 Gi and No-Gi World Champion
  • 2014 NAGA Houston Gi and No-Gi Champion
  • 2nd place Brazilian Nationals
  • 3rd place Mundials
  • 3rd place absolute and division European Champion
  • 3X Sao Paulo State Champion
  • more than 10X Manaus State Champion

Daniel competes several time a year in local and state competitions.  Staying active in competition is the best way to keep current on the best moves, variations, and trends in BJJ.

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