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  1. If you ever in San Antonio area and want to train in a world class environment you should consider going to Daniel Pinheiro team shark academy good training and good environment to study your jiujitsu

  2. Never trained in any sort of grappling sport before coming to Team Shark. The level of instruction will beat any other gym and it shows with the level of success from the students. World Champion Caliber instructors, helpful students, and family atmosphere makes Team Shark the best place to train.

    1. Osss Orlando, the team is very happy to have such a disciplined, loyal and shark student like you man, we are looking foward to see everyone be success full at this sport.

  3. My name is Kenny I was doing military training at camp bullis, for three weeks coaches Jacob Landin and Diego Padilla, with Professor Daniel and Professor Fabio helped me in so many ways through private instruction and open mat forum. Their grapplers are top notch and very friendly. Everyone in the gym is happy to help you reach your goals. I will be visiting this gym again and again in my future travels.

  4. It was over 3 years ago that we met Daniel and Rebecca. We didn’t know much about the sport at that time, but we could tell by Daniels actions that he was the best at what he does. In no time, David (our son) began to love training. We entrusted Daniel with him and since that day, he has molded David into the fighter that he is today. Daniel encourages, loves, and cares for his students; he’s tough when he needs to be because he pushes his students to be their absolute best; he loves each student individually and sees great potential in all of them. We have followed Daniel and Rebecca since the beginning because they are family; as is the whole team. There is no other gym we’d rather be at and we are proud to be apart of Team Shark!

    1. Thanks Willets so much, we appreciate all your respect and love. We really glad to have you guys as students and real friends, i have been working with little David since when he was only “little David” kkkk and I feel so proud to se what had done in this sport. Thanks you so much guys.

  5. If you feel that your jiujitsu game is not where you want it to be you must stop by team shark with Daniel pinherio to improve your ground game take it from me he will, my game has improve leaps and bonds cause of him if you want to learn from a world class instructor here is your chance so stop by and see for yourself

  6. Team Shark is a great place to train, I am very thankful for meeting this team when I moved to San Antonio.
    Professor Daniel Pinheiro has such a great technique, and this is confirmed by his outstanding results in top level grappling competitions. What I love most about training with him is that he really cares about his students, and he is a very proficient professor.
    The gym environment is awesome, everyone is friendly and are willing to help you achieve your goals. If you are already a fighter and wants to improve your game, or if you new to it and wants to try this great sport, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by Team Shark BJJ.
    Professor Daniel and Rebecca, thank you very much for welcoming us, training and providing such a good time! I really appreciate your teachings.

  7. My name is Ray Figueroa ALWAYS looking to improve my jiu jitsu I looked for a place to train when I visited San Antonio I messaged Professor Daniel Pinheiro and he was fast to respond Anybody that knows about jiu jitsu knows it’s hard to find a GOOD and skilled professor 4 degree black belt in TEXAS strait from Brazil you have to be crazy not to try a class or do a private .I can honestly say since I started training my jiu jitsu and persona has improved I will continue to be instructed by The BEST Oss !!!!

  8. This place has been amazing.
    Yes, kids…He has a large amount of kids. He’s molding them with respect for JiuJitsu and themselves, instilling pride and confidence. A great leader, second to the active parents. All 3 of my boys, each widely different in their physical characteristics, all finding a strength unique to themselves without having to be given a false motivator or gimmick trick to feel good.
    Professor Daniel and Rebecca have an excellent facility, humble mentality and predatory instincts to protect their students, their reputation and their quality of instruction.
    5 Stars all day, any day including a muggy Monday morning with three flats, a pink slip and after stepping in a pile of scrap on the way to the car.

    Keep up the work we expect, the students need and the public can hope to be a part of.

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