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Our Adult classes are a great way to help learn self defense, discipline, weight loss, you name it you can find it in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for adults.  We have a variety of different classes that focus on many aspects 

Punch cards available 

Punch cards are open to all classes

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BJJ is a non-striking, grappling martial art.  BJJ is a great way to get fit while learning self-defense skills.  At Team Shark BJJ we guarantee that you will be surrounded by a supportive community who wants you to succeed.  Don't think you have to be an expert in martial arts or in shape to join our classes.  We have classes for all skill levels.  The important thing to remember is that every one has a starting point.  If you are willing to learn and invest the time and effort needed your finishing point will far exceed your start.  Our class schedule is flexible and designed with the working adult in mind.  If you are thinking about taking up a sport, looking for self defense, or just want a great way to stay active BJJ is for you.  Call us today to set up your first class.

No Gi


No Gi Grappling is a challenging, fast paced, martial art that combines the best parts of BJJ and wrestling into a very fun sport!  No Gi is required for this class.   This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet with  grappling.  and get some great exercise in as well.  All classes are taught by 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt Daniel Pinheiro.  Curious what a class looks like?  Take a look at our videos or come in for a free class. All classes begin with stretching, warm up, technique, and grappling.  

Circuit Training

If you are looking for a great way to lose weight, get in shape, and have encouragement the whole way through our circuit training classes are perfect for you.  Our circuits are designed to help promote muscle growth and fat loss.  We use a lot of body weight movements, kettle bells, boxes, ropes, and sandbags.  This class will help develop balance, grip strength, and cardio.  We do not lift heavy or include barbells in our circuits.  This gives every one the opportunity to work out regardless of physical ability or age.  



If you are looking in taking your training to the next level our adult competition classes are here for you.  Our competition classes will help you drill down and perfect your technique.  We will help you not only with the physical aspect of competition but get you mentally prepared as well.  



If you want to get into MMA you need to have a strong overall game.  Team Shark BJJ specializes in helping our students develop the skills necessary to get into MMA and be succesful.  Striking, grappling, and submission are all taught in this class.  If you have an interest in MMA or have goals of becoming a professional fighter this is the class for you.  Check out what an MMA training class looks like  in the video to the right.


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