You have questions and we have answers.  Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about BJJ and Team Shark BJJ

What is Brazilian Jui-Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu also known as BJJ is a grappling martial art that focuses on fighting from any position and submissions such as joint locks and chokes.  It is a sister sport to Judo and focuses on ground fighting.

Is it safe and or right for me or my kids?

BJJ is a non-striking sport.  Jiu-Jitsu is Japanese for "gentle art."  BJJ tends to be gentle on the joints and has few sudden direction changes that are the frequent cause of injury.  All martial arts involve full body contact and carry the risk of injury of a contact sport.  We focus on safety in our coaching of both kids and adults, instructing the proper ways to fall and when and how to "tap out" or signal an opponent to end the drill or sparring session.


Am I too old for bjj?

No.  BJJ is perfect for any age and level of physical fitness.  


How fit should I be before I start BJJ?

There is no need to get fit to start working out.  In each class, do what you can, take the breaks you need.  Before long, you'll be doing the whole class and wanting to do a second or third class in a row!


What should I wear to my free class?

Athletic shorts and a t-shirt. We have gis (uniforms) that you can borrow to try the class.


Where do I get my uniform?  Do I need to buy my owner equipment?

We sell gis, rashguards, and boardshorts. We ask that while in class all BJJ students wear either one of our gis or have our patch on their gi and that No-Gi students wear either our rashguard or boardshorts.  As for MMA gear, we have equipment you can borrow, but we suggest you buy your own equipment that is sized and weighted appropriately for you.

Who teaches the classes and what credentials do the instructors have?

Daniel Pinheiro teaches all classes.  He is a 4th degree BJJ black belt and has been practicing BJJ since 1990.  He is also an IBJJF certified referee.  He had numerous amateur MMA fights and is 4-1 in his pro-MMA fights.  Occasionally, we will have guest instructors.  We ensure that these guest instructors are qualified in their respective professions before allowing them to teach.


What classes do you offer and when are they?

Please see our class list for a description of each class and class times.  We have classes for everyone from age 5 and up!


How clean are the mats?

Dis-In-Fx cleans our mats quarterly with hospital grade disinfectant and antimicrobial treatment and checks monthly for cleanliness.  We also mop our mats daily.  You can see each month's "germ count" as it is posted in the reception area with the certificates.


What is your philosophy about teaching martial arts?

Martial arts is a way of life for us.  It encourages healthy changes in diet, lifestyle, and spirit.  We have found that our fellow martial artists become as close to us as family, and that is how we treat our students, as family.  From the youngest member to the most experienced, we care about the whole person, not just a students physical ability, but overall health and happiness as well.  Please visit our about us page to read more about Daniel, our philosophy, and what we offer our students.


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